Arc Limited

Product Codes

03 49 13
03 49 16

Arc Limited is one of North America’s leading manufacturers of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) architectural castings.

Lightweight, durable and providing tremendous design flexibility, GFRC is often used in commercial construction for non-structural architectural components such as wall panels, window spandrels, façades, column covers, window headers, fountains, balustrades, cornices and artistic masonry forms and shapes. Replication of natural stone in a variety of color and textures is possible when GFRC is specified. GFRC technology is also widely recognized as a superior alternative to imported terra cotta stone for use in historical replication where reproducing elements and achieving an aged appearance is required.

Arc is within a day’s drive to locations throughout the Eastern United
States. We are located in Leetsdale in the Greater Pittsburgh Area at a newly renovated 50,000 square foot production facility with access to an additional 60,000 square feet for extra-large projects.